Shout Out to Our Customer Service Team!

Yay Team!

Just had to publish this super nice note from a customer that we received right in the heart of the holiday shipping craziness!  Totally made our day (week), and once again I was reminded at how much we appreciate every single one of our customers and especially our crew for working so hard to make things right. Especially when things go a little bit wrong....

Thanks Paul!

To all involved (especially Denise)

I would like to thank you all for the very professional and courteous way you handled my order. I don't think I ever had such a positive experience with any on line orders before. I felt that you truly understood my position (especially with the pressures of the holiday) and went above and beyond expectations. I so look forward of gifting this item to our daughter. It will mean a lot to her. I will do all I can to give you a glowing on line review and look forward to doing business with you in the future.



Octopus Serving Bowl

What happened? We accidentally sent the wrong small size Diagonal Octopus Serving Bowl on the first order because the right larger size bowl was out of stock - yikes! We worked with Paul to get a different large Octopus Serving bowl sent ASAP to make it in time for Christmas. Whew!   

Diagonal Octopus Bowl

P.S. We instructed Paul to keep the smaller Octopus Bowl as our gift - no need to send back. Yay Team - problem solved and we hope we have made a customer for life!