Part 2 The Cliffside Art Gallery Inspiration

Take your art to an unexpected place with the Cliffside wall decor arrangement. This often overlooked space in your home is perfect for displaying artwork from your coastal collection! 

To master this look, get a consistent starting point to center your pieces. This can be tricky when working on an uneven surface like stairs, so remember - X marks the spot! For example, make a small "x" 60” (ideally to be eye-level) above the center of each step, then use painters tape to connect each spot so that you have a guide to follow for your gallery wall. 

Here are a few ideas that we've gathered for inspiration!

The coastal color palette and vintage nautical images of this arrangement brings elements of sailing, a wide open sea and the sky together against the crisp, white wall. (P.S. don't you just love that rope handled stair rail!!) Source


This sophisticated nautical themed gallery wall has us dreaming of a day out at sea! Want more of this look? If you have the space, extend your nautical collection to below deck, underneath the stairs. 

To give your staircase a more formal and balanced look, keep the images the same size, same frames and hang in a symmetrical pattern. Gorgeous and alluring!  We love the mirrored frames on these glam sea shell pieces... (so sorry-not sure of the original source) 

Surfin!  Here's an idea - keep your look uniform by using one color palette. For example, this galley collection is created using all black and white framed photos.  Looks great all together, but not stark or cold because each image is framed slightly differently. 

Don’t hesitate to mix everything you like and place various family photo shots, vintage oil paintings, beach retro posters and other collected artwork inside to create a diverse gallery wall that catches the eye of your visitors when they step inside your home. Have fun - we can't wait to see what you've created!