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Heron Etched Whiskey Decanter

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A charming addition to your home bar set up, we are excited to introduce the new Heron Etched Whiskey Decanter to our etched heron glassware collection! Heavy, high-quality decanter, perfect for storing your bourbon or whiskey. Long revered as the symbol of prosperity, a single Heron gracefully adorns a picturesque landscape on these beautiful Heron etched pieces. Deeply sand-etched and diamond-wheel engraved on a pristine clear glass with elegant lines make this design an instant classic!

These decanters would be such a perfect gift for anyone that enjoys a coastal or lake lifestyle. 

• Dishwasher safe
• Imported glass
• Sand-engraved and Diamond Wheel Cut in the USA
• 23 oz.
• H: 8 3/4"
• D: 5 1/2"

Glass Style: