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Sand Dollar Etched Decanter and Rocks Glasses Set

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Get ready for elegant entertaining at the coast with our beautiful 23 oz. Sand Dollar Decanter and matching Rocks Glasses Set. Perfect gift idea for many occasions! The iconic sea shell design etched on the decanter and on the two matching rocks glasses uses two engraving techniques; diamond-engraved and sand-etching to imitate the look and feel of a real Sand Dollar.  The timeless legend of the Sand Dollar claims they represent coins lost by mermaids, today beachcombers who find Sand Dollars along the shore consider it a lucky omen! 

Heavy, high-quality decanter, perfect for storing and serving your favorite libations.

• Glass Decanter Imported from Italy
• Deeply sand-etched and completed in the USA
• 1-23 oz. Decanter + 2-11 oz. Rocks Glasses
• Decanter Measures H: 8 3/4" x D: 5 1/2"

Glass Style:
Glass Style:
Sand Dollar