A Bedroom Refresh - Maximize Space in the Bedroom

A Bedroom Refresh - Maximize Space in the Bedroom

Posted by Alayne on Sep 20, 2020

Your bedroom is your sanctuary and where you go to relax and detox from the hustle and bustle of the world around us (physically and digitally now a days!). We have put together a few styling tips to help maximize space when decorating this safe haven of yours - big or small.

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Many think that minimalism is an key with bedrooms, but we don't think this at all! While that style does usually tend to mesh well with smaller spaces, you can decide what you want to do to make your bedroom full of lush decor and relaxation that YOU enjoy!

A few tips:

1. Spend a little time with the creative side of your brain, and start to think of storage areas or items as decoration as well. An end table could hold your shoes on the inside, and be the home of a nice potted plant and lamp on top! The opportunities are endless when you get creative.

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2. If you are allowed to put things on your walls, embrace floating shelves! They can be used for multiple different decorating items, and don't take up any valuable floor space. Floating shelves can also add depth, by creating different levels and design.

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3. Don't forget about our friendly little green friends, plants! Plants can double as decoration with the various types of pots available, and are obviously good to have around for that extra oxygen - simply refreshing. Harstene 3-Drawer Chest in Moonstone Blue

4. Wall sconces and hanging lights are both practical and pretty to look at. Using up more of that wall space and not committing to a stand alone lamp or light fixture that might take up more space than wanted - all while creating a fun little atmosphere! 

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Decorating any room is fun - and is the perfect chance to show off your beautiful coastal or beach inspired style! Keep checking out our 'new' items on our website - you just might find something you love!