Yule Tide Vibe Coasters - Set of Four

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Need a fun gift for your favorite beach friend? Cute drink coasters are always a great idea for the holidays!  This fun, colorful Yule Tide Vibe set of four coasters is designed to keep your table nice and clean while showcasing art from a curated selection of coastal holidays designs. Perfect for any kind of holiday libation, we just love the fun beachy look to these coasters!

Sold in a set of four, these drink coasters are made from a high-density, satin-finished fiberboard that's lightweight and adaptable to any space.

  • 3 1/2" x 3 1/2" x 1/4"
  • Set of four high-density satin finish fiberboard coasters with the same design printed on each
  • Estimated ship date: 5 business days
  • Every order custom printed in the USA

And the best part? Every purchase pays the artist who designed it—supporting creativity worldwide! 

Artist: Coastl Studio - "I believe that a little pop of coastal decor can add a little bit of a vacation feel into every day. I've always loved the beach, but growing up in landlocked Minnesota meant that I only experienced the carefree, laidback but energetic feeling of being by the beach once a year. As I got older, I dreamed of owning a beach house and decided I didn't have to wait to surround myself with coastal decor that brought back the feeling of a seaside bungalow. I started designing my own patterns to reflect a more upscale, subtly beachy aesthetic that could fit in with my home (now in Georgia, but still a few hours from the coast). Much of my art has subtle texture and is monochromatic or a limited palette to make it easy to incorporate into any home!"

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