Sea Turtles Round Deep Hand Painted Serving Bowl

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Serve up your favorite gourmet chef creations in this large, hand painted Sea Turtles Round Deep Serving Bowl.  Generously sized at 10 inches diameter x 4 inches deep for serving delicious treats at your next dinner party!  Hand-painted inside the dish with a two colorful sea turtles and outside the bowl with a green sea turtle image, these serving pieces have been created by family artisans in Italy. Each one of these uniquely hand crafted under the sea turtle dinnerware pieces feature fun imaginative sea turtles swimming among ocean kelp.   

A classic serving bowl shape and fine attention to detail simply makes this deep diagonal Sea Turtle Bowl a dining table stand out!

  • Overall Size: 10 inches diameter x 4 inches deep
  • Each Bowl holds 8.5 cups
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Not meant for Microwave Use
  • Made in Italy

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