Sandpiper Frosted Large 48 oz. Glass Pitcher

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Make every occasion a beach party with these gorgeously created Sandpiper Frosted Large 48 oz. Glass Pitchers! Each generously sized pitcher is hand-engraved and frosted by skillful craftsman to simulate ocean foam and sandpipers on the shore. 

These hand-engraved 50 oz. glass handled pitchers have a refreshing, delightful appearance with the simulated frosted sea foam with delicately etched seabirds strutting around the center of the vessel.  Pairs beautifully with the coordinating stemless tumblers and highball glasses too!

Introducing a new luxury glassware collection - Sandpiper. Memories of walking along the beach with friends while watching these fascinating little birds skitter along the waves are instantly brought to life with the new Sandpiper Glass and Barware Collection. Great idea for gift occasions of any kind.

  • Hand washing recommended
  • Glassware imported from Slovakia
  • Sand etched in the USA
  • Holds 50.07 oz. 
  • H: 9.25"
  • D: 6.5"


Glass Style:

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