Retro Vintage Tiki Bar Coasters - Set of 4

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This set of four colorful Retro Vintage Tiki Bar Coasters are designed to keep your table nice and neat while showcasing art from a curated selection of retro tropical drink designs. Sold in a set of four, they're made from a high-density, satin-finished fiberboard that's lightweight and adaptable to any space. Cute beach home drink coasters are always a great idea! 

Need a thank you or new home gift for your favorite beach friend? These affordable fun little coasters might be just the right thing!

And the best part? Every purchase pays the artist who designed it—supporting creativity worldwide! 

Artist: German artist, illustrator and surface designer Susanne Kasielke is a pencil fanatic, obsessive to-do list writer, memory collector, and she's always searching for new flower adventures. Susanne has a master’s degree in graphic design and fine arts. All of her work integrates multiple mediums and techniques (from photography to abstract texture), that she brings together on the computer. Susanne calls it: digital collage.

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