Blue Nose II Large Sailboat Model - Fully Assembled

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This is a beautiful hand crafted, fully assembled Blue Nose II Large Sailboat Model presented in a natural wood finish. It has wooden booms connected to the main and foremast. All the sails are rigged beautifully together to make up the beautiful boat. On the deck, there are authentic hand-built lifeboats with ribs and planks. The bowsprit goes through the gunwale that is hold securely to the bow by rigging. Cabins and companionways are located on the wooden deck. You will find metal anchors near the gunwale inside the two golden ornament piece of the Bluenose.

This nautical model is truly a remarkable representation of the Bluenose II, and will give your room or office a wonderful seaworthy polish!

  • The model is secured tightly on a solid wood base with a brass nameplate.
  • Overall Size: 38.5L x 6.5W x 32.8H Inches 
  • Weight: 5.5 lbs.

A little history:

In its day, there was no yacht like the Bluenose II, a fishing schooner that combined efficiency, beauty and speed. It was built in Nova Scotia in 1921 to fish the rough waters off the coast of Newfoundland. It would stay out on the sea until its holds were full of cod, using salt to preserve its catch. But the Bluenose left its mark in history as a racing ship. For 17 straight years it won the International Fisherman’s Trophy, awarded to the winner of races among real fishing schooners that worked the Grand Banks. The races created a heated rivalry between the greatest deep-sea schooners from Newfoundland in Canada and those from Gloucester, Mass. With Capt. Angus Walters at its helm, the Bluenose II prevailed year after a year and it became an enduring symbol of the maritime spirit. The Bluenose II was lost off Haiti in 1946.

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