Blue Lagoon Framed Two Piece Art Set

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Presenting the Blue Lagoon Gel Coat Framed Canvas 2 Piece Set that will offer a beautiful and refreshing update to your home decor in shades of deep blue frothy waves. Showcasing abstract images in cool shades of blue and white, this canvas wall art set features silver frame detailing that complements and accentuates the contrasting hues. A gel coating creates a glossy sheen that protects the colors from fading, while the MDF backing provides additional structure. Invigorate your home by incorporating this framed canvas two piece set into your living room or bedroom.

  • 2-Piece Set
  • Each Canvas Art Piece measures 25.5"W x 25.5"H x 1.625"D (2)
  • 70% MDF, 10% Canvas,10% Gel,10% 

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