The Perfect Glass Lamps for Beach Treasures

We've featured an assortment of fill-able glass lamps since we've been open (2010), but today we discovered some new designs and updated images for some of our favorite nautical styled lamps that we've featured on our site for a long time. Take a look!

Mint Green Nautical Net Glass Lamp

Just had to show off the new colors and fun designs of these Nautical Net Glass Lamps!  

Pale Blue Glass Lamp

The base top/corks come out, making these lighting pieces perfect for collecting and showing off your gathered beach treasures from walks along the shore...

The rustic burlap shades add that simple cottage, textured natural feel that every beach home needs...

Each lamp is covered with a hand-knotted jute rope net - a quintessential nautical design!

So easy to change out with the seasons by adding seasonal decor like fall leaves, Christmas ornaments, driftwood or just keep it simple and fill these large 30" tall lamps with pretty white shells. They will definitely be a conversation starter, and the highlight of your living area!

Cobalt Blue Nautical Net Lamp

What do you think??

For the months of January and February these Nautical Rope Net lamps will ship for Free to your home! Time to chase away the winter blues and warm up your living space.