Five Easy Ideas for Coastal Styled Mirror Decor

Five Easy Ideas for Coastal Styled Mirror Decor

Posted by Caron on Jan 08, 2024

Featured: Sardinia White Rattan Wrapped Mirror and Oceana Frosted Glass Lamp with Teak Wood Glass Topped Table. 

1. Weathered Frames: 

Choose mirrors with frames that have a weathered, distressed, or reclaimed wood finish. This will add a rustic and subtle beachside feel to your decor. To us this means bringing home memories of days spent by the sea having fun with friends and family.  

Jeremiah Round Reclaimed Wood Mirror

2. Natural Rattan or Seagrass Frames: 

A quintessential ingredient for casual, but chic coastal home living can be easily accomplished by adding all natural elements like wrapped rattan, braided seagrass or wicker.  Cannot go wrong with this timeless style!

Hale Koa Rattan Mirror with Sanibel Frosted Aqua Glass Lamp

3. Nautical Elements:

Look for mirrors with nautical elements in their design, such as rope or rope designs. These classic details can enhance the coastal theme and create a connection to the sea. Just make sure to not go "overboard"!  (seriously)

Melville Round Mirror

4. Real Shell Accents:

Choose mirrors that incorporate polished mother of pearl shells, oyster shells or other real shells into their design. This adds an elegant natural hint of the beach to your decor, making it feel more connected to a coastal theme. Real shells also guarantee a one-of-a-kind look as no two framed mirrors will be exactly alike!

Margate Oyster Shell Mirror

5. Light and Bright:

Opt for mirrors that have a light and bright frame or finish. White or light-colored frames will evoke a sense of freshness and breeziness reminiscent of the light hues found in coastal interiors. 

White sand.. bleached shells.. crashing waves

6. Driftwood Mirrors: 

Mirrors framed with layered pieces of driftwood can add a natural, organic element to your coastal decor. The irregular shapes and textures of driftwood enhance your beach-inspired aesthetic. 

Redondo White Washed Driftwood Large Mirror

Feel free to be creative and make a bold design statement at your home with an unique mirror that will showoff your coastal style!