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Coral-Orange + Turquoise: 10 Coastal Room Ideas for Inspiration

Coral-Orange + Turquoise: 10 Coastal Room Ideas for Inspiration

Posted by Denise on 24th Apr 2019

It's Spring - time to be brave with color! We want to show you a creative approach to combining a different color combination for beach house decorating. Not the same old shades of blue, light blue, aqua and white, but something that will really pop and warm up a room! You have to be a little brave to pull it off, but we really like it - Coral-Orange + Turquoise-Aqua! Take a look - 

Here are 10 room examples for inspirations! Maybe something you could try at your house? Maybe just add a little bit of this fun color combination to see what you think!

 (all image and design sources can be found on our Pinterest Board)

The colors of a spring-summer sea, and the varying shades of sunrise and sunset. Perfect coastal mix don't you think?  Bold, bright, and not one bit shy! Possibilities are endless! What do you think?

P.S. We have one really fun bedroom group that we have put together - might be an easy way to get started on this look -  Pebble Beach Bedroom