Choosing the Right Size Rug - Living Room Spaces

So it's time for an update in your living room, and you have decided to start with a fun rug. Great idea! But choosing the right size area rug to fit your furniture and fit your room can be a little tricky. Selecting a size for your living room definitely depends on the room size and arrangement of your furniture, and how you like to direct the flow of traffic in your living space. An area rug pulls a room together and defines spaces beautifully, creating a wonderful palette to start with to "anchor" your complete design. 

Here are a few ideas that we hope will make it a little bit easier to choose the right size and dimensions for your space:

1. The Most Popular Sizes for Smaller Living Rooms - All Legs off of the Rug: 5' x 8', 5' x 7.6' or  6' x 9 (for super small spaces - try even a 3' x 5')

In smaller spaces or when you prefer to keep all of the legs of your sofa and chairs off of the rug, these sizes work best. With only a coffee table placed in the center of the rug, this leaves a spacious and airy feel, at the same time creating a cozy complete living room space.  

For example create a room arrangement like these:

Sea Glass Sand Dollars and Shells Rug

Sea Glass Swirls Rug

Starfish Blue Rug

Nautical Plaid Rug

2.  Larger Spaces - Only Front Legs on the Rug: Try an 8' x 10'

Most commonly, people choose to put all front legs of their furniture on the rug while leaving the back legs off. An 8’ x 10’ size brings all of your furniture pieces in the room together and creates a complete look. Looks best if your coffee table is larger in a square or round shape too. Also a perfect idea for accommodating a large ottoman that you use for double purposes as your coffee table.  

A Few Examples: 

Sea Breeze Rug

3.  Larger Spaces -  ALL Legs on the Rug: Try a 9' x 12' or larger

In a larger living room, a 9’ x 12’ (or larger) rug with all furniture on the rug pulls the room together and will create a warm and inviting living space.  Will give your room a cohesive look with real panache! 

Here are a few more examples of coastal living rooms with different rug layouts for more even more inspiration!  Remember - decorating is all about you and your lifestyle at the beach.  There doesn't have to be any rules, your space just needs to reflect YOU and needs to be a welcome, cozy space. 

Soho Ice Blue Rug

Have fun planning out your new space! We can't wait to see your finished rooms - don't forget to tag us on our social media channels - #caronsbeachhs #caronsbeachhouse