2024 The Year of Trying New Fish Recipes

2024 The Year of Trying New Fish Recipes

Posted by Caron on Feb 29, 2024

Make 2024 the year to expand your fish dining palate and try a variety of BLUE FOODS that taste delicious, pack some serious health bonuses, plus benefit our planet!  Eating more sustainable fish is a great way to improve bone strength, brain development, and immune and cardiovascular systems. It also gives you an exciting opportunity to branch out and try some lesser-known fish recipes.

Check out this list of 7 lesser-known fish that are all sustainably harvested to add to your dinner table this spring. It's the perfect time to put your creative gourmet skills to use!

Sustainable Fish List compiled by NOAA Fisheries - make sure to visit the NOAA website for more info and recipes too. (pictures grabbed from the NOAA site)

1. Arcadian Rockfish: Similar to haddock, this fish that is also known as Ocean Perch has a delicious, mild flavor and flaky texture. It’s a fantastic source of protein and a heart-healthy option. Such a pretty color - try it the next time you make fish tacos.  (my husband's go-to whenever they are on the menu!)

2. Atlantic Pollock: Found in the New England/Mid-Atlantic Regions, Atlantic pollock has a strong flavor and a firm texture. It also is an excellent source of B12 vitamins, phosphorus, and selenium. Try wrapping it in parchment with other vegetables and popping it in the oven to make an easy weeknight meal.

3. Dover Sole: This flat fish comes from Pacific waters and is an excellent source of calcium. (who knew??) It can be prepared in a number of ways but tastes especially delicious when baked with vegetables, fresh herbs and lemon.

4. Mackerel: This fish has a lovely, rich flavor and is often served as a special on sushi menus. You can prepare this versatile fish in a number of ways, but it tastes especially great pan-roasted with potatoes and a creamy sauce.

5. Opah: This tasty fish is caught off the coasts of the Hawaiian Islands and California. One of our favorites!  Also known as Moonfish, it has seven different cuts and can be prepared in various ways. Try swapping in Opah in your favorite tuna or swordfish recipes. We promise you will love it! 

6. Scup: Also known as Porgy, these fish can be found from Maine to the Southeast Coast. A lean fish with a nice flavor and an excellent protein source, scup is usually cooked whole since its small bones make it hard to fillet. Try popping it on a pan or in the oven for a quick and delicious meal.

7. Shortspine Thornyhead: This red colored fish is also known as Pacific rockfish. Although it's not that attractive, this fish tastes super yum with a sweeter flavor. This fish is high in selenium, an essential nutrient that aids thyroid function. Its coarse texture makes it easy to grill, saute, bake, or even deep fry. Like fish tacos?  This is the perfect fish for making them! 

Thanks to NOAA and Fed by Blue for these great ideas and for featuring our cool Nacar Dori Platter in their Instagram Post! 

Need a fun platter for serving up your fabulous fish creations? Try one of these!