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Yellow Gold Starfish Shaped Embroidered Pillow

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Embroidered with warm gold sunshine inspired gold fabric and threads,  this fun Yellow Gold Starfish Shaped Embroidered Pillow showcases the quintessential shape of life at the beach! These sea life pillows were a long time customer favorite and we are so happy to have them back to make a stand out accent, indoors or out!

Embroidered in shimmery bright yellow and gold colors and with pretty shell-like buttons on Olefin performance fabric, this 22 inch diameter shaped sea star can can handle hours in the sun, frisbee tosses into the pool, raindrops and muddy dogs paws!

  • 100% Olefin Performance Fabric.
  • Can be used indoors or out.
  • Back zipper closure.
  • 22″ diameter.
  • Designed, filled and finished in USA. Inserts made in USA.

Care: Required care for outdoor use: Best for covered porches, not intended for prolonged exposure to dampness and rainy conditions. Care Instructions: Can be cleaned with bleach, with best results in washing machine (gentle cycle), air dry. Low heat dryer. Do not iron.

Pillow Color:
Sea Life

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