Set of Six Hand-Painted Blue School of Fish Pasta Bowls

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Presenting the Set of Six Hand-Painted Blue School of Fish Pasta Bowls, created in Italy with beautiful artistic sea life images with attention to detail and quality from Abbiamo Tutto. Generously sized at 9 inches diameter, these gorgeous 24 oz. Italian bowls are meant to be enjoyed for a lifetime. Marvel at the beautiful varied shades of blue of the small minnows as then chase each other around the inside of the bowls while showcasing your gourmet creation for friends and family. 

Think chowder, steamed clams, Ciopinno, seafood spaghetti... so many yummy ideas for these pasta bowls! We're getting hungry just thinking about what could go inside of these fun, beautiful dinnerware pieces...

Created for durability and long life, the Blue School Fish collection will be treasured tableware pieces for many years to come.

  • Hand-Crafted in Italy
  • Each Bowl Size: 9" Diameter
  • Each Bowl holds 24 oz.
  • Sold in sets of 6
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Not for Microwave Use

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